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The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl

Love is friendship set to music

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Hello there, call me The Wiccy, or just Wiccy.

Pagan Supermodel, Whovian, Barrowman-Whore, Browncoat, Puckbunny, Gater, Whedonite, PROUD SOB, Tartan Turtle, Tart & General Fandom Whore! I'm a currently unemployed legal assistant with too much time on her hands and a raging hard-on for her fandoms. I also really hate writing up these bio things as it always ends up looking a bit like some kind of personals advert. So...yeah, I'm done now.

This Journal may contain Explicit Adult subjects, situations and content. You should be 18 (or of legal age of consent in your country) to view. This Journal also contains slash, man-sex, and other gay things, bigoted homophobes should GTFO and not view. The Wiccy will also not tolerate ANY bashing or otherwise disparaging remarks of any kind against one Mr. John Barrowman. You have been warned. Seriously, just don't do it.

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